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Halifax motorcycle towing

Excel Towing provides safe and affordable motorcycle towing services throughout the greater Halifax area and across Nova Scotia. Their team employs motorcycle dollies to ensure your bike is properly towed to its location. Trust the Excel Towing team for your motorcycle towing needs and call now. With years of motorcycle loading and unloading experience Excel Towing is the best choice for safe bike transport. They can even store your bike for transport and work with motorcycle shipping companies to ensure its ready for you when you arrive.

Specialty Towing Services

Excel Towing has the capability to tow and transport light duty construction and maintenance equipment including: Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Boats, Trailers and Forklifts. Their staff is experienced in fast, safe equipment hauling that saves you time and money.

Damage Free Towing

Excel Towing provides safe, damage free and reliable towing services. Their trucks are outfitted with the proper equipment including skates and skid pads and their operators are all trained in proper towing techniques. Excel Towing's operators are all trained and certified to provide the best possible towing experience for all types of vehicles.

About Us

Excel Towing provides towing and roadside assistance services throughout Halifax, NS and along Hwy 101, Hwy 102, Hwy 103 & Hwy 107. With over 40 years of combined towing experience on staff at Excel Towing you're sure to have the best local towing experience possible.

Office Location

Excel Towing
19 Alma Crescent
Halifax, NS B3N 2C4

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Towing & Roadside
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Breakdown Tips

  1. When possible, pull off on the right shoulder.
  2. Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt fastened. If you need to exit the vehicle, do so through the passenger side door.
  3. Look around to pinpoint your location. Landmarks & mile markers are helpful.
  4. Call Excel Towing @ 902-809-HELP.
  5. When the tow trucks arrives, exit your vehicle through the passenger door and walk to the tow truck passenger door.

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