Classic & Collector Car Towing

enclosed vehicle transport

When it comes to transporting exotic, classic, collector and high value vehicles, Excel Towing is your best choice for safe, secure and protected towing and hauling of your car. We offer flatbed, covered and protected towing and transport for all types of antique, collector and hi-line cars. We can transport vehicles within Nova Scotia, Canada and throughout the United States. Trust your car to the trusted professionals at Excel Towing Service and arrange for your car transport services now by calling 902-809-4357.

Excel Towing Service provides protected vehicle transport for all makes and models including: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Bentley, Lotus and Rolls Royce. Our team is experienced in securing and transporting all high-value vehicles with our no metal-on-metal tie-down procedure.

Luxury Car Towing Halifax & Nova Scotia

Excel Towing Service offers fast and affordable luxury car towing throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia and Canada. We understand just how important your classic car is to you and are committed to quality, safe and reliable towing in the service area. With a specialty trailer designed to safely haul customized vehicles, your classic car will be protected throughout its journey around Nova Scotia or throughout Canada. Call our dispatch center now at 902-809-4357.

Long Distance Towing Halifax

Long Distance Towing

Excel Towing Service specializes in providing long distance towing from metro Halifax to points throughout Canada and the USA. If you need to have your car or truck towed from greater Halifax to any point around the country, Excel Towing is the company for you. Contact our dispatch center now at 902-809-4357.

Damage Free Car Towing

Vehicle towing damage doesn't have to happen. It is a result of poor operator training and a lack of experience. That is why Excel Towing Service is so committed to continuous training for our towing operators. Our team is certified and experienced in towing all types of classic and exotic cars throughout Halifax. And with years of towing experience on staff, Excel Towing Service is the Premier Damage-Free-Towing Provider in Halifax & Nova Scotia.